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Nadi astrology is an ancient art of astrology which was practiced by sages of india as Thousands of years ago that the Saptharishis who had written the palm leaves with their yogic's power. They are also called as Sages of India. They had the power to look into the past and future of the entire universe and recorded the life of human being who either lived were living or were to live.

Their discussions were written on palm leaves in an ancient Tamil script. Which can now only be deciphered by Expert Nadi astrologers. These predictions which are written on the leaves are from the day the person comes to know the service of Nadi Astrology.

So the predictions are pre-written and are just read by the Nadi readers. There must be a millions of Nadi leaves written for each person in the world. But the leaves themselves state that only, if the person has in his karma he will get his leaves. Even though these palm leaves are not only for Indian nationals but also, for foreigners and other nationals belonging to other religions and creeds.

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Its all one destiny to get the leaf identified and predictions known to the person concerned. The origin of the Nadi astrology palm leaf reading can be traced back to approximately thousands years ago. I listened Sukshama Nadi, I am very much happy after listening it. I would like to continue my relations with him forever.

Sivasamy, who accurately read the Nadi Joseum.


Following his advice, within 6 months, his reading come true and I met my new wife Suhi. Suhi and I will most definitely visit Mr. Sivasamy whenever we come to India. Now I have better clarity of my life, about what to do to benefit myself and what to avoid. I will definitely recommend my friends to visit guruji atleast once in a lifetime. Some of my friends also visited this Nadi Centre and reaped this benefit.

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Nice man, few initiatives from u people really induces interests, awaiting your next related blog. But the leaves themselves state that only, if the person has in his karma he will get his leaves. If they what they say is wrong they can always tell you that that too was preordained and you must come another day. If yes, what is it? Well, for the answer, you have to read my old posts!

I pray God that everyone must get this opportunity. Sainath, Bangalore. Dear Visitor, Welcome to srisivanadi.

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Get in touch with us. Thank you. There is no other predictive science that even comes close to the accuracy of nadi astrology predictions or Palm Leaf Astrology. Q: Why do I need Nadi reading?

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A: People are curious by nature. We long to know what destiny has in store for us and if we can discover what has been written about our past and what lies in our future, then why not go for it! Once we know these details, they will help us by guiding our future. Besides, by knowing beforehand any likely misfortunes, we can take precautionary measures and also perform the prescribed remedies to overcome them. In this way we can learn to live more comfortably. Q: Are there remedies for problems through Nadi Reading?

Which is already explained in previous answers please check. From that chapter only you will come to know the remedies. Q: How do remedies solve the problems? Is there any benefit really? A: Nadi Astrology provides intimate knowledge about good and bad periods, about the ups and downs of your life and explains how to cleanse your life of past sins by following the prescribed penances and taking preventive steps.

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If you are the chosen one, you will learn how to live a wholesome, helpful and beneficial life. What were the remedies stated on your palm leaf which has been written by the maharishi you have to do accordingly in manner with faith in god and your soul to help from all obstacles.

It is the experience of many that after performing rituals stated in the palm leaves the problems have completely solved in their life through remedies. A: First, the seeker gets an appointment for the day and time. Nadi Astrology is a supernatural prediction based on an individual's thumb impression.

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The process is simple. Thumb impressions Left for women; Right for men are taken three times on a blank white paper. After that, the astrologer identifies the pattern in the impression and identifies the category in which the palm leaf Olai Chuvadi will be found. Olai Chuvadis are tied in bunches of much like stapling leaves. Each bunch has 50 Olais palm leaves and it has contents written on both sides, counting to a total of So each bunch will have information of persons one leaf Olai for each person.

The first Chuvadi is like an index. The astrologer asks few questions, for which you have to respond 'Yes' or 'No' and he eliminates the non-matching index Olai's and finally he might end up in one Olai in which all the questions will end up with getting a 'Yes' from you.

At that point, they have identified your 'Palm Leaf' Olai Chuvadi. Then they get the detail palm leaf another bunch of Chuvadis and read it for you. It may take a few hours and or at times, a few days. Once found, the contents of the leaves are narrated by the reader in the old Tamil verse, which is then simultaneously translated into the language of your choice.

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Q's Nadi Astrology predictions Palm leaf astrology. A: In Tamil 'Nadi' means "in search of" collective name given to palm leaves, manuscripts dedicated by ancient sages predicting the innumerable individuals. Nadi-shastra is a powerful predictive system, but it is not like regular Astrology or Palmistry. The accuracy of the reading in Nadi Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the level of mastery of the astrologer or reader with regard to the subject.