February 15 leo horoscope

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The moon enters Cancer today.

Feb 15, Leo Horoscope. A loved one might need to draw upon your emotional strength at this time, and you're superbly placed to provide the inspirational. Here is your horoscope for February 15, Colour reds. LEO. You are fortunate with business deals and gain in financial transactions.

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Your heartstrings may be tugged, pulling you away from what your heart itself wants to do. Make sure you listen to everyone on your team before plowing forward. Picture yourself in a fantasy realm where you are happily warm, relaxed, and secure. View: Libra Monthly Horoscope. It's a necessary time to follow the rules.

Email address. Perhaps you just received an important package in the mail, or a piece of information, and you just can't wait to spread the news.

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Be careful of who might be lurking around the corner, however, because there are apt to be ears listening to you at this time. The person they belong to might not necessarily be acting in your best interest. Sometimes you are a bit shy around groups.

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Today you could end up surrounded by other people a lot. Maybe you will need to attend some meetings.

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Or you could be taking part in a conference or round table discussion. Try not to let other people's energy overwhelm you. It could actually be stimulating for you as you watch the interplay of personalities and ideas taking place. If you've been expecting a settlement of some kind, today it might finally come - or at least show signs of coming soon.

This is a great day to purchase a home or otherwise invest in land or property, though it is especially necessary to read the fine print before signing anything.

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Your mind might be a little foggy, and so anything you have to handle could require a little more concentration than usual. Life: Your finances have been on your mind lately, and you seize this week to get them in order.

As for singletons, beware of heartbreakers! As for single Leos, a chance encounter after the 20th has potential to turn your world upside down.

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When you want to, you can be a great host, keeping guests entertained and even enthralled. In return, they're thoroughly enjoyable company.

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This should be a happy interlude for you since you like being sociable. You may receive a welcome delivery some time during the day, too. Have an important decision to make?

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